lilix® Technology

Thanks to our latest technological lilix® development you will be able to integrate diverse optical features requiring a minimum amount of space in passive components. One single optical board allows you to introduce different filtering functions integrated in well-known components into your network and save much space.

The lilix® technology made by FOC is available as a modular system. The board’s basic structure is independent of the implemented functions.
The unique thinness of the filters enables the implementation of low-loss component structures without optical collimators saving not only material costs but in particular also space.
On the optical board the light is guided through integrated optical waveguides with one optical fiber attached at each of their ends. Thus complex light distribution systems of a high packing density can be created using a smart combination and arrangement of waveguides, filters and optical fibers. Consequently it is possible, to accommodate significantly more functions in an existing space than with conventional solutions. This is an important argument when upgrading existing systems.

Come and familiarize yourself with this unique technology:

Visit our LAB in Berlin Adlershof, Germany, where we have built a fiber-optic network implementing several lilix® applications in cooperation with renowned manufacturers. Here you can see first-hand how well our Permanent Monitoring System operates. In addition, optical switches, installed in distribution cabinets, ensure that any network access will be registered and localized reliably and fast.

Meanwhile we also have developed a mobile testing system which can be used to demonstrate the monitoring application anywhere in the world. Or you just come and see us at one of our trade fair booths in your vicinity. You are interested in a conversation or presentation to receive more information on this topic? You are invited to come to one of our Workshop Talks either on your premises or at our location in Berlin. We are looking forward to an intensive exchange of ideas with you, to your questions and comments. Contact us!

The lilix® technology has been developed in cooperation with renowned German research institutes and uses sophisticated techniques from semiconductor manufacture, coating technology, installation and connection engineering.

TI lilix FTTx reflector housing
FTTx reflector 1650