Class A connector

High-end equipment, compatibility and quality from Berlin-Adlershof, Germany.
After several years of experience in the area of connector refinement on the basis of multi-component ferrules the in-house production at FOC has been expanded to include full-ceramic connectors from 2006.

In 2011 FOC successfully launched its LSH-HRL Class A connector family as its new standard for low-loss LSH connectors on the market. These Class A connectors are based on a full-ceramic ferrule and have meanwhile been accepted by many customers as connectors which are undisputedly at least equivalent.
For independent product quality monitoring, FOC since 2012 certifies the LSH-HRL Class A connectors by GHMT in accordance with GHMT Premium Verification Program (PVP) test plan level 2.
With the qualification of a second LSH connector set supplier in 2013 the customers of FOC now can choose for the first time between two independent Class A connector set suppliers.

With an appropriate combination of materials and an evolved manufacturing technology FOC is able to manufacture the LSH-HRL Class A connector already prior to the adoption of the IEC standard with a maximum insertion loss of 0,15 dB (random).

By complying with the IEC 61754-15, the IEC 61755 series and the EN 50377-8 series standards the LSH-HRL Class A continues to be compatible with the LSH connectors from other vendors observing these international standards. The independence from the connector manufacturer ensures a maximum investment protection and neutral calls for tender.