FOC-fibre optical components GmbH develops and manufactures passive optical components meeting the most challenging customer requirements. FOC has its headquarters in Berlin, the capital of Germany, which is an important center for the development and application of optical technologies. Our involvement in national and international standardization bodies and the comprehensive experience of our staff are the foundation for our reliable products, which are employed in the fields of data transmission/telecommunication, industrial control engineering/sensor technology, laser/medical engineering as well as road transport and traffic.

FOC-fibre optical components GmbH was founded in 1993 by Mr. Christian Kutza, who is a certificated engineer by profession and director of the company. With the purchase of fiber-optic connectorization and coupler production from DIAMOND GmbH and the subsequent expansion of its manufacturing capacities FOC GmbH now possesses a broad technological basis and flexibility which serves as a solid platform for global contacts.

The technological competence of FOC is based on years of experience in the connection and branching of optical fibers. In the 80s senior staff of our company contributed to the development of important sectors of today`s manufacturing technologies at Humboldt University, Berlin, and used the experience gained there for the manufacture of products with pioneering parameters. The trust in the products and services made by FOC is also shown in the reference character of many of our products which serves as the starting point for new product designs. Building on these basic optical functions and based on many customer demands FOC has developed a module and enclosure architecture which not only smoothly fits in with the systems of the leading telecommunication equipment vendors but also fulfils specific requirements.

Development and manufacture of all FOC products is aimed at guaranteeing a high added value. Our consistent production planning, control and analysis system ensures an effective and fast production of both individual items and of product series. The direct line between customers, the FOC application engineers and our own production depth allow swift decisions to be made for the right products in each field of application. The combination of development and design as well as of flexible logistics and manufacture with assembly and compilation up to clean room technologies at one single location sets high standards.
All FOC products fulfill the requirements of international standards and are delivered read-to-use together with a comprehensive documentation and test reports. In addition to this high degree of reliability our company pursues a philosophy of close customer contact. FOC guarantees new applications, competent service and fast order processing. All over the world regional representatives work in close contact with our company headquarters and easy access to all FOC branches is guaranteed.

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