Fused coupler

FOC couplers are manufactured on the basis of the Fused Biconical Taper (FBT) technology.

The beginnings of the FOC manufacturing technology date back to the year 1985.
Due to the advantages provided by the FBT technology all couplers are pure fiber-optic components guaranteeing a high climatic and environmental stability of the products while ensuring excellent optical parameters.

On the basis of the tried and tested manufacturing technology of the couplers for telecommunication applications FOC - fibre optical components GmbH also produces power splitters for special wavelengths and couplers made of special fibers.

Based on its high degree of automation and its consistent quality assurance system FOC - fibre optical components GmbH manufactures both standard products and custom-made components in Germany complying with the international specifications and fulfilling stringent requirements in terms of quality and repeatability.

Results of longterm stability tests of fused taper couplers