Theoretical cutoff wavelength
The shortest wavelength at which a single mode can be propagated in a single mode fibre. Below the cutoff several modes will propagate and the fibre is no longer single, but multi-mode.

Tight buffered cable
Type of cable construction whereby each glass fiber is tightly buffered by a protective thermoplastic coating to a diameter of 900 micrometers. Increased buffering provides ease of handling and connectorization.

Total reflection (TR)
The condition resulting in total reflection from a glass/glass, glass/air or a glass/metal interface in which all of the light is reflected. In optical fibre, it is the condition defined as

sin-1(n2/n1), where n2 is the lower index and n1 the higher index media.

For optical fibre to work, the cladding is n2 and the core is n1.

Ethernet based network structure that combines Voice, Data and Video

Twisted pair cable
A form of wiring in which a pair of copper wires are wrapped around one another again and again. Twisting two wires reduces their susceptibility to electrical interference.

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