Launch Angle
Angle between the propagation direction of the incident light and the optical axis of an optical waveguide.

Launching Fibre
A fibre used in conjunction with a source to excite the modes of another fibre in a particular way. Launching fibres are most often used in test systems to improve the precision of measurements. 

Local Injection Detection: This is a method for injecting a signal and detecting it within a discrete segment of fibre.

Loose Tube
A protective tubular encapsulant, (in the past) often filled with a gel, used to contain one or multiple cabled fibre.

Attenuation and loss of power measured in decibels. There are two key measurements of loss, being insertion loss and return loss. Both are measured in decibels.

Loss Budget
A calculation and allowance for total attenuation in a system that is required in order to assure that the detectors and receivers can make intelligent decisions about the pulses they receive.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
An environmental cable specification indicated primarily for indoor applications to reduce toxicity in case of fire.

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